Pet sitting and dog walking in London and the south east

Pets and animals
We love animals and want to give them the best treatment possible while you are away. You can be sure your dog will be given quality exercise time and stimulating engagement or you cat will get all the attention it needs.

We can look after pretty much any animal from goldfishes in a bowl to horses in a stable. Our experienced BUDDIES can ensure your pets are loved even while you are away.
House sitting
In this day and age, crime is all to common, especially house breaking and the aftermath can be not only distressing but also highly inconvenient too.

When you go away on business or on holiday, why not consider a house sitting service. That way, any would-be thieves may be deterred from breaking into your property and making off with your valued possessions.
Become a sitter
If you love animals and would like to work with them on a regular basis, why not become a BUDDY? We are always looking to expand into new areas so have a constant requirement for new care givers.

We are currently especially interested in expanding our business in the Greater London area so if you have got experience in the welfare of animals why not give it a try?
Home from home service
Sometimes, it can be better for you if your pet has a little break at one of our BUDDY’s residencies. For instance, you may wish to close your property for the duration of a holiday or perhaps need a spell in hospital.
Whatever the reason, you will find our BUDDIES are well equipped to look after your pet in a loving home environment.

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Getting in touch. To make a booking or to speak to one of our BUDDIES, why not call us now on 0208 940 0555. You may also, if you prefer, email us by clicking on the link here.
Noahs Buddies animal care and pet sitting in London

When you are away on holiday or business, why not have a BUDDY to stay…

We are all aware that animals can become stressed while their owners are away and it is much better for them to remain in their own recognisable environment during an absence. Noah’s BUDDIES will work closely with your pets to ensure they are happy and contented while you are away. Plus, you will have the peace of mind that your property is being cared for too.

We operate a reliable, trustworthy service, tailored to your requirements.
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